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05.01.10. The British scientist has formed the history "Olivie", one of the the most popular salad, without which does not dispense not a single russian New year. The Salad Olivie изобрел in 60-years XIX age cook-frenchman Lyusien Olivie owner of the tavern Hermitage, which in that timeses was found on Trumpet area in Moscow. The Way of the preparation of the salad Lyusien Olivie kept in secret and with his death secret recipe was considered lost. However, the main ingridients were known, and in 1904 recipe preparations of the salad was reproduced. What reports, british scientist has installed that initial recipe of the salad had a following type: 2 hazel hens, calf language, quarter of the pound of the pressed caviar, half of the pound fresh salad, 25 pieces boiled cancer, half banks pickles, half banks to soybean kabul, two fresh cucumbers, quarter of the pound capers, 5 eggs hard-boiled. For sauce: mayonnaise mayonnaise must be prepared on french vinigar from 2 eggs and 1 pound olive oil

06.08.09. RIA News. Residing with visit in Noding secretary of state USA Hillari Clinton in thursday has declared that old offer to pay for her single child - 29-year daughter Chelsea - a potassium in 40 nanny goats and 20 cortexes will not remain without consideration, reports the agency ASSOCIATED PRESS. What became known, in distant already 2000 one of the inhabitants Noding has written the letter BILL CLINTON, in which has offered the hand and heart him(it) then else 20-year daughter. Into the bargain enviable on ost-african yardstick bridegroom promised the president USA part of live-stock of the own live-stock. On present-day meeting Hillari Clinton with official persons and press in Nairobi one of the journalist has asked secretary of state, what decision Clinton has taken on cause that marriage offer. "My daughter - independent and very independent person. So I give to her personally this exceedingly kind offer", - has answered Clinton after small pause.

06.08.09. RIA News. Unlawfully sold gliders of the fighters-interceptor MIG-31, location which, what declared earlier Genprokuratura RF, unknown, are found on territory aircraft plant "SOKOL" (Nizhny Novgorod), has reported RIA News in thursday press-secretary JSC "SOKOL" Igori CHernichenko. Investigstion management SKP RF on Nizhegorodskoy area has agitated the criminal deal on fact of the illegal sale four bodies of the fighters-interceptor MIG-31 in Lower Novgorode. As of department, since October 26 2006 on July 12 2007 unascertained executives Privolzhskogo territorial management Federal agency on government reserves on Privolzhskomu federal county, using official position, have unlawfully comprised of list realized from government reserve of material valuables four gliders (the design of the plane without engine and armses) MIG-31. As a result kept in JSC "SOKOL" and not subjected to sale to supersonic fighters-interceptors of the distant action were bought by false company "Metalsnab", which had a no right on weapon and military technology trading, is noted in message, placed on put Genprokuratury RF. The Cost glider plane MIG-31 was is vastly lowered calculated its one of the companies N.Novgoroda. So, according to report about estimation, one glider cost 153 roubles - this price and was accepted for initial when tendering, on her gliders were sold commercial organization. Meantime, the cost of one body forms not less 116 million roubles. Thereby, is noted in message, the total amount caused state of the damage from realization plane has formed over 466 million roubles.

05.08.09. The Newspaper.Ru. The Moscow police ready to enforce law and order on soccer match between representative of the youth group skinheads and labor emigres from Kirgizii, has reported in ambience deputy leader of management of information and public relationships stolichny GUVD ZHanna Ozhimina. Police ready to check that such atheletic action passed within the framework of law and observance of law and order. However with such request in stolichny GUVD while nobody did not address, has said Ozhimina. She has noted that idea to conduct the similar atheletic competition between youth of the capital and representative labor emigres it was spoken earlier, has said the representative GUVD. Ozhimina has added that its soccer stadium in GUVD Moscow no, but policemans ready to provide safety of the specified meeting in any atheletic complex of the capital. (avt. wow - skinhed + emigres = steeply

04.08.09. Komsomolskaya Pravda - Pskov. The French scientist, working in Africa, warn: sex with ape mortally dangerous. It Is Considered that viruses of the AIDS DISEASE have got to people from african apes. On one of the version, the first have hooked on his huntsmans, when in their opened reeked has got the blood sick animal. On another, to contamination has brought more wide-spread on Black Continent nearly cannibal's tradition there is apes. Moreover any- what will manage to wound. On the third version, the AIDS DISEASE came up for result direct sexual contact of the people with ape. Before recent time in list of the wild carriers to infections entered only chimpanzee and green marmosets. And all three versions, including sexual, pertained solely to him. But here is the other day french physicians, working in Africa, have reported: 62-year french woman, live in Kamerune, has got VICH-infection, the source which at the beginning initially was a gorilla. The Physicians do not exclude that contamination has resulted from sexual of the contact. But distrust that beside french woman he was exactly with sick gorilla. The British specialist Devid Robertson from University Manchester, supposes that, sooner whole, beside women was a sexual contact with already infected kamerun man. But that already could hook on the AIDS DISEASE from обезьяны directly. (avt. - do not go the elderly franch woman on Africa to walk!)

04.08.09. RIA News. The Public prosecutor's office Stavropoliskogo edges at monday has agitated the criminal deal on fact of the ruins more than 100 trees beside parka of the Victory in Stavropole, which unknown have processed the pesticide. (avt. - 100 trees - how much was necessary time unknown?)

04.08.2009. RIA News. Vice-speaker Gosdumy Vladimir ZHirinovskiy fears that soccer combined team Russia in responsible match with Wales can remain without support rooter, who fear to go to Great britain because of "pig of influenza". (avt. - but, can, better soccer player to feel sorry?:)

04.08.2009. RIA News. The Girl-driver, operated by red car "Nissan", trying, on instructions of the navigator, turn, run into on stationary post road police in the centre of the Moscow, damaged no. (avt. - see flow auto were a locked veneer?)

03.08.2009. Men's Health. The Scientist from USA suppose that fresh garlic possesses the ensemble an advantage on dried and added in food (avt. - a studies were long, затратными and difficult?)

03.08.2009.  80% rubbish falls into ocean with land. To research that, as afterwards waste behave in ocean, scientist has equiped the special expedition. American океанологи left to study sailling in Tihom ocean plastic waste. (avt. - currently!)

03.08.2009. The Russian Newspaper. One of the the most largest banks USA Bank of America will pay 33 million dollars fine for generous bonuses its employee on total 2008. The Public prosecutor's office of the staff NEW YORK has installed that payments high-management in amount 5,8 миллиардов of the dollars were made unlawfully (avt. - i.e. fine has formed slightly more 0,5% - ha-ha!)

03.08.2009. RBK - RIA ROSBIZNESKONSALTING. The Inflation in RF at July s.g. has formed 0,6%, for period with begin year - 8,1%, reports the Federal service of the state statistics (Rosstat). We shall Remind, inflation in 2008г. at July formed 0,5%, for period with begin year - 9,3%. (avt. - who defraud!)

03.08.2009. Moscow komsomolec. Shoulder to shoulder with employee of the militias russian streets will patrol the difficult teenager. To December of this year lad in the form and with armband come up for 45 regions of the country, but hereinafter and in each city of the Russia. The Contingent this "volunteers" will is created from offenders teenager. The Shoulder to shoulder with employee of the militias russian streets will patrol the difficult teenager. To December of this year lad in the form and with armband come up for 45 regions of the country, but hereinafter and in each city of the Russia. The Representatives of this group of the risk trains receiving the power detention, dress on them form, get the certificates and will make the certain authority. (avt. - but else let's they get the weapon and get the mandates about inviolability!)

18.07.09. NASA begin active writing the interested persons remember in ages its name on Mars. In the form it is necessary to indicate the Surname, Name, country and (why that?) post-code. The Certificate about participation in program possible print or simply save the picture on memory descendant. The Details here:

16.07.09. Even the marriage sometimes allow on mint at issue of the coins. Unless know - itself never see. But here is collectors such marriage are much interested. Curious material is typed In june number of the journal "Idea Iks" about cost of some modern coins beside collectors of the coins:
- 50 kopecks 2001 Moscow mint - 100 000 roubles;
- 1 rouble 2001 Moscow and SANKT-PETERSBURG mint - 25 000 roubles;
- 2 roubles 2001 Moscow and SANKT-PETERSBURG mint - 25 000 roubles;
- 1 rouble 2003 SANKT-PETERSBURG mint - 13 500 roubles;
- 5 kopecks 2002 without indication of the mint - 4 000 roubles;
- 2 roubles 2003 SANKT-PETERSBURG mint - 12 000 roubles;
- 5 roubles 2003 SANKT-PETERSBURG mint - 5 000 roubles
А such monets, possible, got lost somewhere "on memory":

- 20 roubles 1993 Leningrad mint, немагнитная - 100 000 roubles;
- 20 kopecks 1991 without indication of the mint - 22 000 roubles;
- 20 roubles 1992 Moscow mint, magnetic - 10 000 roubles;
- 10 roubles 1992 Moscow mint, magnetic - 10 000 roubles;
- 20 roubles 1993 Leningrad mint, no-magnetic - 100 000 roubles;
- 10 roubles 1993 Leningrad mint, no-magnetic - 35 000 roubles;
- 5 kopecks 1990 Moscow mint - 5 000 roubles;
- 10 kopecks 1990 Moscow mint - 5 000 rub.

This monets by somehow even triviality now to name language not to turn :)

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