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  • 21.04.11
    Load a free may's calendar for desktop 1680x1200, or 1280x1024

    You know?

    - daily inhabitants USA eat 18 hectares of the pizza;
    - in 17 ages thermometers filled not quicksilver, but cognac;
    - on statistics 75% populations of the world of the able alcoholic intoxication write SMS or is rung its former sexual partner

  • 15.02.11
    Load a free april's calendar for desktop 1680x1200, or 1280x1024

    Enormous Thanks Yury Pigalin - new collection banknotes from Thailand, Malasya and Indonesia

  • 15.02.11
    Load a free march calendar for desktop 1680x1200, or 1280x1024

    New collection banknotes

  • 25.01.11
    Load a free calendar for desktop 1680x1200, or 1280x1024

    The Interesting facts from life civil servant in Nizhny Novgorod. According to published on official put Rosprirodnadzora on PFO (there is such checking organization) "Information about incom, about property and obligations of the property nature state civil serving Department Rosprirodnadzora on Privolzhskomu federal county and members their family for period with 1 January 2009 on December 31 2009." total incom for the whole year of the chief one of the division Golovinoy Galiny Ivanovny and her spouse has formed 358 698 roubles. In ditto time in their property are found cars: Mercedes - 312 D, Mercedes - 817-11 and Mitsubishi Pajero. No comments...

    Photo from Internet:

  • 24.11.10
    Load free calendar for december 2010

    The Interesting numerals:
    - Annually federal, regional and municipal authorities spend before 5 000 000 000 000 rubles on orders for their own necessities. As of Checking management effect from defogging of the perverted bulk purchase can, on the most conservative estimation, form more 1 000 000 000 000 of the roubles per annum. Considering that real deficit of the Pension fund on payment pension forms whole beside 180 000 000 000, increase the pension age not too- cynical?

  • 11.11.10
    The Interesting statistics on russian's soccer transfers 2010:
    - 22 mln. euro for Bruno Alevsha ("Zenith", Gazprom) - 494 000 000 m3 gas (on internal prices for population);
    - 20 mln. euro for Karlos Eduardo ("Ruby", group of the companies "TAIF") - 9985 tons of the syntetic rubber;
    - 12 mln. euro for Eyden Makgidi ("Spartak", LUKOYL) - 20 mln. litre of benzine A-95 (the price on leading-in);
    - 10 mln. euro for Seydu Dumbiya (CSKA, "Bashnefti") - 32,4 mln. litre diesel oil (price for fermers for a harvest period);
    - 8 mln. euro for Alexander Alieva ("Locomotive", RZHD) - 1/4 costs high-speed train "Sapsan". Hiccupped for 5 persons: 72 mln. euro (beside 3 mlrd. roubles).

  • 25.10.10 - Load calendar for November on worker PC table

    Photo of the week. (The Inscription: "Danger - cats!")

    You Want to see more? This here

  • 24.08.10 - Load calendar for October on worker PC table

  • 28.07.10 - Load calendar for August on worker PC table

    Photo of the week

    Interesting facts:
    - before 37 641 000 000 dollars (on 11,3%) increased state external debt RF at January-April 2010 (beside 300 dollars on each zhitelya);
    - 7 105 euro will owe each inhabitant to Greeces rest Europe after rendering to country financial help. In total difficulty salvation greek economy will require beside 80 000 000 000 euro;
    - 4 600 000 000 roubles have formed the incoms political party in 2009. More all has collected "United Russia" - 3,49 mlrd.rub. Further in list - "Equitable Russia", KPRF and LDPR;
    - in 7 500 000 dollars cost condition of the Hut Obamy and his(its) spouses Misheli;
    - whole 2% has formed in 2009 contribution to Russia in world science. Beside USA this factor reaches 35%;
    - 5 500 000 000 000 roubles has lost the russian economy for the last 5 years because of damages on car road. This amount approximately is with all costs on public health for same period;
    - 450 000 000 000 roubles that is to say 1/3 against crisis of the expenses in 2009, state has spent in vain, consider the experts of the Centre of the development VSHE. Most unchancy by expenses is recognized 360 000 000 000 roubles, embedded in authorized capitals state banks

  • 20.04.10 Photo of the week

  • 04.04.10 Photo of the week: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4

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