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The Best gift - something absolutely unique and inimitable! The Handiwork (hand made) was always valued fabric product. Now and you have a possibility to make happy itself, friends and loved exclusive photography (the collage) different назначния, executed on the individual order.

The Photo can be used and on traditional purpose, and then your photoalbum will be a focus of attention any companies, but can be and element of the registration of its personal calendar, complimentary postcard, invitation card and etc, up to cover for homemade soap (this, agree, much interesting, than simply piece of the cellophane!). If you will become the lucky owner several photographies, possible form of them virtual album, portfolio, slide-show... Give the will to your fantasies - wake inimitable!


The Photo are made on the individual order. The Base (the initial photo) is sent on mail on electronic address or with wish of the concrete themes (for instance: I - Archer), or choice of the subject remains on shame author and will be a surprise for you. By means of computer design can be changed background, cloth, company. On your address, for week, you get the preliminary outline (the photo of the small low-resolution size). Further - or pirate, having settled for got or submits payment on coordinated scheme (usually, electronic money WebMoney). On fact of the arrival of the payment on your address will is deported designed photo-model, adapted for print under amount 10х15, 15х20 or 20х30 refer to in format JPG, which you print in any nearest photography. At will, unsealled photo can be deported you and on mail, truth, this will dispense cherish (on cost of the services of the seal and postal expenses).

The Cost 1 photo (under his sending on e-mail) - 10 dollars US. The Cost specifically complex photo-model is specified apart and can exceed the base price on 20-50 percents. Besides, period of the fabrication specifically complex model, also, with preliminary notice, can be increased before 2 weeks. When change estimation, the photographies, sent on processing before this moment, are processed on old price.

The Calendar, postcards, labels and ect.

The Order of the interaction similar photo. All individual wish are specified. The Sizes model hang from your wish and possibilities printservice (take into account that model possible print, also, and on usual paper, and on paper with getting sticky base and etc.). Usually, such facilities render the centres of the operative seal. The Cost model depends on his sizes, difficulties and depths of the design. For example, the cost of the monthly calendar (12 pages and cover) of the format A4 forms from 20 USD (use your photography with minimum processing) before 100 USD. The Cost of the invitation card on wedding - from 10 USD, cost poster A3 - from 20 USD.

The Author leaves for itself exclusive right not to take to fabrication models customer without explanation of the reasons. All condition of the order, not stipulated above if required they are specified by sides in addition. Confidentiality and uniqui order are guaranteed. Use by author your photo-model, after payment of the order, is not allowed, with the exclusion of if from you will is received special permit on use him(it) in advertising purpose.

Some working the author you may look HERE

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